The London Internet Exchange (LINX) has increased network port capacity at their UK regional interconnection facility, LINX Scotland, to offer 100G connections, following member demand. 

LINX Scotland was launched in 2013 and is currently located at two sites, Pulsant datacenter in South Gyle near Edinburgh, and DataVita Fortis in Airdrie, close to Glasgow. The platform offers interconnectivity services delivering cost-effective, more resilient, and secure ways for networks to transfer data between each other in Scotland.

“We are pleased to announce that following recent upgrades at LINX Scotland we are now provisioning our first 100G member there, rural broadband providers Voneus.” – Inga Turner, Interconnection Account Manager, LINX

Already home to some of the largest content delivery networks and ISPs (Internet Services Providers), LINX Scotland was set up to enhance the UK’s internet infrastructure with the aim of keeping traffic local.

The LINX sites are interconnected by two diversely routed links. With the peering LAN running Ethernet Automatic Protection Switching (EAPS) to ensure fast failover should one of the links fail. LINX Scotland is not connected back to the LINX dual network in London as the mission is to keep Scottish traffic in Scotland.

This upgrade in Scotland mirrors the solution initially put in place at LINX’s peering platform in Manchester which now has grown to a 17 x 100G port facility and counting.