AMS-IX, one of the largest Internet Exchange operators in the world, and MDXi, an Equinix company, have announced the launch of an Internet Exchange (IX) in Lagos, Nigeria.

The new Internet Exhange, AS52462,  AMS-IX  lagos is located in the carrier-neutral datacenter of  Equinix Company – MDXi. Under the terms of the partnership,  MDXi will serve as the commercial partner of AMS-IX and regional sales and marketing arm for AMS-IX lagos. AMS-IX will operate the technical and operational management of the Internet Exchange.

AMS-IX Lagos will launch with over 25 connected networks which include the migration of WAF-IX (West Africa InternetExchange) in the coming month. AMS-IX Lagos aims to become an important hub for West Africa, enabling regional and local ISPs, carriers, and Internet Exchanges to aggregate content from large global Content Delivery Networks s (CDN), hosting companies, and application providers.