The world’s number one ranked global #IPbackbone, Arelion, continues to increase #connectivity in the #digital age with the recent announcement of its collaboration with Cologix, Inc., North America’s leading network-neutral #interconnection and hyper scale edge #datacenter company.

“We are thrilled to have this long-standing relationship with Arelion as they continue to expand their network services in North America,” said Cologix President and Chief Revenue Officer Laura Ortman. “We are continuously building our carrier-neutral ecosystem to give our customers the best network access and connections to do business at the digital edge. In the past year, Arelion has added two markets with Cologix, in Vancouver and now Columbus. Our customers in Columbus now have access to Arelion’s low-latency fiber backbone and connectivity offerings.”

The addition makes eight Arelion #PoPs in seven markets with Cologix, with metro campus access to 32 Cologix facilities. Arelion selected Cologix’s Columbus data center campus as it offers an ideal location for hybrid cloud IT deployments that require 100 percent uptime and network performance. It is strategically located in proximity to more of the U.S. population than any other major city, with 47 percent of the population within a 10-hour drive. Columbus, OH also ranks as the highest metro concentration of Fortune 1000 companies. The Cologix Columbus data center campus is the most densely connected interconnection site in the region with dark fiber network access to each of Ohio’s 88 counties and with direct connectivity to 50+ cloud and network service providers, including Amazon Web Services® Direct Connect and Google Cloud Interconnect.

High-quality local connectivity to the global ecosystem of content, collaboration, applications, and cloud services

Companies wanting to do business at the digital edge can now take advantage of Arelion’s number one ranked global backbone, AS1299, as well as the local availability of their high-speed IP Transit, Cloud Connect, DDoS Mitigation, Ethernet and IPX services for operators, content providers and enterprises alike.