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    From WiFi Hotspots in Argentina to Maintenance services in the United States, Brodynt offers virtually any kind of Internet access and networking according to local conditions and regulations in the tablet.

    We are a one-stop- shop, delivering tailored services almost everywhere, while seamlessly dealing with local and regional partners with no hassle for our customers.


    What is an Internet Exchange Point (IXP)?

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    “The global Internet consists of thousands of interconnected networks run by service providers, individual companies, universities, and governments. These extensive networks connect simultaneously in many independent ways to establish the singular entity known as the Internet”-source: "In eu ultricies lacus. Phasellus non ante nec neque imperdiet congue. Donec sed

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    Donec finibus sit amet orci eget ultricies. Praesent posuere ante ut erat fringilla, vestibulum placerat metus mattis. Aenean dictum vitae nisl nec tempor. Proin varius turpis ut sem porttitor varius. Sed aliquet mi at libero ultrices consectetur. Vivamus egestas, metus quis egestas egestas, tortor justo pharetra diam, et dapibus massa nibh dapibus risus. Sed ut

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