The Global Peering Forum is a yearly networking event where decision-makers from global ISPs, CDNs, and cloud and interconnection service providers will join together for three days of meetings, presentations, and networking events. This years Global Peering Forum event is April 2 – 5, 2023 at Loews Hotel in Coronado.

“Grow your network. Create new opportunities”

The Global Peering Forum Inc. (“GPF”) is a business league focused on advancing the interests of our members. One of the key activities of GPF is to host events designed to encourage discussion of contemporary topics in internet interconnection and meet with other attendees. The success of these events depends on the activities of a variety of parties including members, other attendees, sponsor representatives, and the Board of Directors.


GPF for peering and interconnection is highly recommended for decision-makers at organizations actively involved in exchanging internet traffic. If you are not an interconnection decision-maker for your organization, GPF genuinely appreciates your interest and can also suggest a number of other network and operations-focused events that might be appropriate to attend.