Peering terminology

What is A CDN

A CDN, or a Content Delivery Network, is a network of servers located in different data centers around the world that are used to quickly and cost-effectively deliver a wide variety of media content.

What is A Content Provider

Just like a CDN, a content provider like Netflix or Google are often distributors also, however, many distributors rely on CDNs to get their content to other parts of the world.

What is Settlement Free Vs Paid Peering

Most traditional peering arrangements are settlement-free. Though there are some fixed costs which include peering ports, colocation, and various equipment costs, the exchange of traffic termination between peering operators is usually a free arrangement between parties.

When Internet traffic volumes between peering partners become unbalanced, with one side sending the other a disproportionate amount of traffic, the parties can agree to migrate to a paid peering arrangement.